Those who work with unstructured big data will find this course useful in using various statistical and predictive models and data visualizations to gain extra insights like a true data scientist.

Take Data Analytics to the Next Level

with R Programming Language

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The Next Workshop is:

13th - 15th September 2017 (3 days)

9:00AM - 5:00PM

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Data Science:

If you’re asking these questions, this workshop is a MUST for you:


This programme is highly recommended for those who occupy roles in the following departments: Customer Relationship Management, Data Analysis, Business Analysis, Business Intelligence Analysis, Risk Analysis, Digital Marketing Analysis or Marketing Campaign Management. 

  • How do I work with unstructured data?
  • How do I clean messy data?
  • Where can I find a more powerful and flexible tool than MS Excel?
  • Am I gaining all possible insights from my data?
  • What is big data; how do I extract value from it?
  • Predictive analytics sounds interesting...could I do it too?

GAIN a solid introduction to analytics and data-driven decision-making

be able to IMPLEMENT the data science workflow in their day-to-day work


UNDERSTAND when and how to use predictive models for better understanding of data 

INCREASE ability to use R Programming Language to extract data from various sources, wrangle and transform it into tidy data and use R facilities to perform various analyses on it

Participants will:

BENEFIT from a small class setting, with less than 20 pax per class for an enhanced learning experience


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