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The Next Workshop is:

Data Science 101:

22nd - 24th November 2017 (3 days)

9:00AM - 5:00PM

Those who work with unstructured big data will find this course useful in using various statistical and predictive models and data visualizations to gain extra insights like a true data scientist.

Taking Data Analytics to the Next Level with R Programming Language

  • How do I clean and work with unstructured data?
  • Where can I find a more powerful and flexible tool than MS Excel?
  • Am I gaining all possible insights from my data?
  • What is big data; how do I extract value from it?
  • Predictive analytics sounds interesting...could I do it too?


If you’re asking these questions, this workshop is a MUST for you:

This programme is highly recommended for those occupying the following (or similar) roles: Customer Relationship Manager, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Risk Analyst, Digital Marketing Analyst or Marketing Campaign Manager.

This course is designed for those curious about data science and want to learn how data science can turbocharge their data analytics pursuits. We will be using R programming language as our primary tool to extract, clean and analyze various datasets. We’ll use exploratory data analysis to understand the data better and use various statistical and predictive models and data visualizations to extract insights from the data.

GAIN a solid introduction to analytics and data-driven decision-making

IMPLEMENT the data science workflow in their day-to-day work


UNDERSTAND when and how to use predictive models for better understanding of data and making data-driven decisions

USE R programming language to extract data from various sources, wrangle and transform it into tidy data and use R facilities to perform various analyses on it

Participants will:

BENEFIT from a small class setting, with less than 20 pax per class for an enhanced learning experience


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Selangor, Malaysia

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